paper collage made from paper sourced in Paris street art

Urban collage art for the art lover looking for more than just a pretty picture

If you’re looking for unique well crafted art that has something to say, that inspires, that allows you to own a piece of the streets, that will have you find new details everytime you look at it, that will start a conversation with your friends and will look great on your wall at the same time. Then you’ve come to the right place.

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About My art

I'm a street artist in the broadest sense of the word. I find my inspiration and materials by having a good look around when I'm outside, always on the lookout for a story that needs be told and how that should be done. I use perishable materials to create abstracts for the docile masses. I always finds myself amazed about things such as banality, aggression, war, anonymity, commerce and the vulgarity of contemporary media. I attempt to visualise this amazement in my work to show the world its true face and, more importantly, to show what is lurking behind that.  


To do this I roam the streets of European cities on foot or by foldingbike with a large shopping bag in hand that I fill up with the trash from human manifestations during my trips. My current preference is thick layers of weathered posters that I peel off layer by layer, in much the same manner as I do in my work relating to human behaviour and the spirit of the times that originated from. By doing so, I hope to find new answers to my questions on human behaviour and a world in which apathy and acceptance are closely related.

Berlin Wallporn

Berlin Wallporn

What I do with my portraits is I peel off the excess, layer by layer, to get to the true essence. I leave out any unnecessary lines

I believe in the beauty of a world in which backgrounds, faces and perspectives together constitute a harmonious whole. That conception is directly reflected in my work as well as in the materials and techniques I use. Literally. The poster layers I peeled off and the resulting meticulously accrued and constructed masks have evolved from 'ski mask' to ‘Batman’. New images emerge by continuously sampling, mixing, editing and rearranging my material. That is how an array of questions is created which, over time could jointly reflect a single answer. For now that answer is hidden behind my masks.

My portrait collages consist of a minimalist interplay of lines of carefully torn and glued paper with laser-cut refined nuances. With my expressive portraits, I aim to draw viewers into the character, the game changer and the innovator that inspire me. 

shop portraits

shop portraits

shop portraits

shop portraits

shop portraits

shop portraits


About Me

I was born in 1975 in the city of Den Bosch in the Netherlands. As a kid I was always building stuff to create my own dream world, toys, games and whatever I could come up with. My parents were very much interested in art and always took me to galleries and museum shows. There was art everywhere.

It wasn’t until the early days of street art that I got realy involved into art, first as a collector and later as a participant. I was struck by the freedom of expression and the no-nonsense DIY punk attitude displayed by artists like Banksy, Faile, Bast, WK interact, Obey Giant and Swoon. Their work was so different from the art I had seen in the streets before, they had something to say.


I took a screenprinting course to master screenprinting and started making my own art. I haven’t stopped making art ever since.

I found a freedom to express myself that I had not experienced ever before. I’m trained as a designer and went to artschool. So creating is nothing new to me. Making art however freed me from any set of rules or client briefing. Art to me is the absolute freedom to create my vision, realise whatever I dream of. To express whatever I think should be said. And the biggest rush to me is getting it out into the world and see how it effects people.

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For me my name represents the current zeitgeist. The focus in society is on speed. We have to get rich and famous quickly and live up to the idealistic images imposed on us. We are hounded and driven to purchase things quickly otherwise we are too late. To be successful quickly otherwise we are a failure. To make a profit quickly otherwise we are not doing well. Making a fast buck and greed reign. I always thought Perishable Rush would be a good name for a band. As I don't play any instruments and was looking for a name to represent who I am and what I do Perishable Rush only seemed fitting. It is a conversation starter.  

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