Broken Heart 5 euro banknote

Broken Heart 5 euro banknote


Lasercut 5 euro banknote by Perishable Rush

I have mixed feeling towards money and the way it can shape and influence people. I love and hate it at the same time. To express these mixed feelings I created a series of lasercut banknotes with a broken heart. It’s my take on the famous I LOVE NEW YORK logo designed by Milton Glaser which was used as an advertising campaign since 1977 to promote tourism in the state of New York and New York City.
For the design of the broken hearts I painted hearts on actual mirrors and smashed them with a hammer. The most beautifully broken mirrors were used to make these designs. With the Brexit all over the news it seemed the right timing to make a euro and pounds version in this series. The series now consists of ten 1 dollar banknotes, a 5 and 10 euro banknote and a 10 pounds banknote.

Signed Original Artwork
Year 2019

Offered in an Acrylic transparant frame making it look as if the banknote floats in space.
Size of the frame 18,2 x 13,2 x 2,3 cm

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