Alex A Clockwork Orange

Alex A Clockwork Orange


I’m a lover of artistic movies. I first saw A Clockwork Orange when in art school. The movie based on the novel by Anthony Burgess and directed by Stanley Kubrick made a lasting impression. I was struck by the world created in the movie, the ultra violence, the sets, the social, political and economic comments. The story centers around Alex DeLarge, played by Malcolm Mc Dowell, the charismatic anti social leader of a gang of thugs on a very violent crime spree, their capture and the rehabilitation of Alex.

Kubric described the movie as :

”A social satire dealing with the question of whether behavioural psychology and psychological conditioning are dangerous new weapons for a totalitarian government to use to impose vast controls on its citizens and turn them into little more than robots."

For this series I made use of a Clockwork Orange movie poster and the backsides of posters sourced in the streets. When I peel the posters of the city walls more often than not remnants of paint, rust or graffiti on the wall beneath the posters come off as well. Leaving nice textures and colors on the backsides of the posters. In this series I worked a lot with the beautiful patina found on these backsides.

Original mixed media collage on canvas
Framed in a black wooden frame
Size 65 x 65 x 3,5 cm / Size canvas 60 x 60 cm
Year 2018

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