Princess Leia by Perishable Rush

Princess Leia by Perishable Rush


This is a tribute portrait in memory of Carrie Fisher. Growing up in the 80’s Star Wars had a major influence on my life. I must have seen the original three episodes over a hundred times. I’m guilty of infecting my daughter with the Star Wars virus. She’s totaly hooked as well and we enjoy watching the movies every now and then together. Quality time.

Carrie played such a nice character. I absolutely loved watching princess Leia. It was only suiting to honour Carrie Fisher the best way he knows, by making a portrait of her. I collaged a background with found posters and clipping from an actual 80’s Star Wars comic book. I drew Carrie as minimalistic as I could to create contrast with the collaged background. Capturing her characteristics in as few lines as possible. The iconic portrait of Leia was cut from the collage background and glued on a black canvas. The black canvas has a dripping paint effect creating a galaxy like look. The eyes of Leia have sparkling stars in them.

Original mixed media collage
Framed in black wooden frame
Size canvas 50 x 50 cm

This artwork is in the art collection of a private collector from The United States

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