Andy Warhol Flowers Purple Blue Pink Red

Andy Warhol Flowers Purple Blue Pink Red


This portrait of Andy Warhol is part of a series of Warhol portraits. In this series I used Andy Warhol art prints mixed with paper sourced in the streets to build the collages. The portraits are lasercut from the paper collage and put on a canvas. In this art work I used a print from the Flowers series.

The Andy Warhol Flower series debuted in 1964 as a set of paintings. Warhol found the original photo by Patricia Caulfield in a magazine titled Modern Photography. Warhol first exhibited these works as part of his first show at the Leo Castelli Gallery. Later in 1970 Warhol reproduced the Flowers imagery as a portfolio of ten screen prints on paper. The series was called the Warhol Flowers screenprint series. Each print varies slightly, from the colors of the hibiscus to the shading in the background.

For this series I made use of the backsides of posters sourced in the streets. When the artist peels the posters of the city walls more often than not remnants of paint, rust or graffiti on the wall beneath the posters come off as well. Leaving nice textures and colors on the backsides of the posters. In this series I worked a lot with the beautiful patina I found on these backsides.

Original mixed media collage on canvas
Framed in a black wooden frame
Size 55 x 55 x 3,5 cm / Size canvas 50 x 50 cm
Year 2018

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