Mc Skull

Mc Skull


When I begin working on a new artwork I always start out selecting paper. Every posterwall I source paper from has its own color scheme and story. The paper in this work is sourced from a poster pilar in Amsterdam. This poster pilar had a thick layer of posters almost 40 cm thick. Like with tree rings or growth rings I could date back the posters up to 10 years. I think this is amazing. (I’ve added a picture of the poster pilar)

Our food is killing us. Fastfood, processed food. We are becoming detached from the food we eat. To raise awareness on this issue I created this artwork. I used the McDonalds logo as a mouthpiece to express this observation but also because I like the expression it gives the face. The logo is lasercut and the skull eyes are laser engraved from acrylic paint.

Urban camouflage ski mask, mixed media collage made from posters sourced mostly in the streets of Amsterdam mixed with trash, comicbook clippings and pieces from a found adult magazine. 

This artwork is part of a series of skimasks. I choose the skimask silhouette because to me it is an icon of the times that we live in with men in skimasks on the news constantly.

Title Mc Skull
Original mixed media collage
Framed in a handmade white frame with a laser engraved Perishable Rush logo on the side of the frame
Size 84,5 x 118,5 x 4,4 cm / 33,27 x 46,65 x 1.73 in
Year 2014

This artwork is in the art collection of a private collector from Barcelona Spain

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