Sugar Rush Boy

Sugar Rush Boy


This piece is made from candy wrappers and material found around a school in Miami in the USA. I was in Miami for Art Miami and couldn’t find any poster material for new works. I visited a school where Shepard Fairey and Kevin Ledo were painting large murals when he noticed the side of the streets surrounding the school were littered with candy wrappers. There was so much. Amazed at the amount of candy these kids had to be eating, immidiately the title sugar rush popped in my head. Sugar rush according to wikipedia means; A purported state of hyperactivity caused by excessive consumption of sugar, or other simple carbohydrates. 

I collected the material and made it into two artworks, two urban camo ski masks. Instead of poster material I used the candy wrappers and fastfood packages. I sorted all the material and found two dominating colors, red and blue. As I planned on making two version a boy version and a girl version the color scheme fitted perfectly. I searched for eye pieces and mouth pieces to express what a kid in sugar rush would look like. I laserengraved the images and collaged everything together.

I love working with found materials, The signs of time and decay give the material character. I also like the idea of reusing material and discarded materials in a world of abundance.

Original mixed media collage
Framed in a handmade white frame with a laser engraved Perishable Rush logo on the side of the frame

Size 59,5 x 42,5 x 4,4 cm / 23,4 x 16,7 x 1,7 in

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